Thursday, 5 June 2014


A wise woman once told me 

the important thing is to 
find "G-d"
whatever you believe it to be 
in whichever way is right for YOU 

I resonate with the energy of "KABBALAH" (the word means "receiving" in aramaic/hebrew), ancient 
HEBRAIC teachings and explorations into the meaning of life, and how ancient wisdom can affect us in our daily lives, and through weekly teachings, and the monthly influences.

Kabbalah reminds us to constantly be connected to the creator, to be in tune with the creator at every moment, and through this to understand that there is no "right" or "wrong".... only an opportunity for our soul to learn and grow and evolve.
I am here to share with you a taste of several kabbalistic traditions especially through music and chants.
One of my biggest teachers who has influenced me is my dear father Yitzchak ben Shlomo Rauchwerger Z'l, from Kolomea . He was blessed to study Kabbalah in london at the place set up in the 1920s by Yehuda Ashlag (baal Hasulam).
I grew up learning from my father who had one toe on earth & the rest of his soul in higher grounds. Of course as a child I did not understand some of what he said... or most of what he said (!) but it all resonated with my soul, and in later years as I studied kabbalah things I learned with my father began to make sense.
I, like many others, have delved into many paths of sprirituality, & have returned to my hebraic roots to realise that there is energy and meaning in the aramaic/hebrew letters that goes beyond the actual words! 
I hope and pray that my offerings here touch your souls as you listen & read, as much as they touch mine.
Some other teachers & websites that I find awesome & filled with LOVE & LIGHT include

ALSO search for video & audio & teachings from RAV GINSBURG... AND.... there are oh so many more... 

My passion is to help correct my soul & help others on their path of correction, to share from one point in each heart to another, soul by soul across the world.

ANA BEKOACH a lovely version of this kabbalistic prayer of the 42 letter name

INCENSE BANISHES DEATH - Billy pHillips shares some of Rav Bergs teachings on the incense, with information from the Arizal. WATCH THIS FIRST... THEN the other videos of the Ketoret to purify body and soul

פיטום הקטורת pitum haketoret with ancient melody to help purify body and soul

Pitum haKetoret + transliteration + english translation

קריאת פטום הקטורת מפי החזן משה חבושה listening to PITUM HAKETORET every day fills our cells with LIFE. This is a recitation of the temple incense with 11 ingredients, which protects us