Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tzfat - The Magical City צפת - עיר קסומה = an intro from tzfat kabbalah center, not affiliated to THE KABBALAH CENTRE... each one doing good things to spread love and light to the world

Light of Tzfat - The Mystical City = name comes from word TZAFUN = hidden... a special place to unveil the hidden wisdom... a city full of light and special energies

Connecting to the Source Energy Tour - Israel 2011

Kabbalah Centre -- Israel Energy Tour = SEE THE SPIRITUAL SIDE

UMAN in the Ukraine, the resting place of Reb Nachman of Breslov, who said all should be with him for ROSH HASHANA. This video is in hebrew but I hope speakers of other languages will feel the energy. אומן - חוויה רוחנית בלתי נשכחת!

תיקון הנפש TIKKUN NEFESH meditation THE CORRECTION OF THE SOUL... Please also listen to the TIKKUN KLALI "General correction" which is a selection of psalms

הרב שלום ארוש מה שהיה היה join RAV SHALOM ARUSH in the ecstatic meditation "ma shehaha haya"... ("what was... was"). Songs and chants can connect us to g-d to renew our body cells and the words of this song speak of this renewal... ENJOY

Rav Moshe Miller an unbiased intro to kabbalah. I commend Rav Miller for saying that he cannot comment on the kabbalah center teachings as he does not know what they teach.... Maybe one should invite him to a shabbat morning in one of the kabbalah centers so he can see how the teachings of Rav SHimnon Bar Yochai and the Ari are brought to life