Sunday, 20 February 2011

KABBALISTIC MEDITATION hatikun haklali - 10 PSALMS 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90,105, 137, and 150 THE GENERAL REMEDY

ANA BE KO'ach - OVADIA CHAMAMA long version

Ana B'Ko'ach by Ovadia Hamama | אנא בכח - עובדיה חממה

YUD HEI VAV HEI meditation elevating from Malchut to Keter

A Kabbalistic Soul Meditation

THE ORIGINS OF THE 5778 prophecy - A Secret passed from Teacher to Student

If you want to know more about the mystical and numerological meaning of the year 5778 then read on:
NB. According to the Kabbalistic Calender, we are in the year 5771... which means 5778 begins in the autumn of the year 2018.

"Traditionally Kabbalah has been passed down from teacher to student and that goes doubly for its secrets, guarded by righteous souls, tzaddiks, from the corruption of man’s evil inclination and from the erev rav (Mixed Multitudethat would stop at nothing to put and end to the flow of this secret knowledge of hope and salvation".

About Jeffrey Meiliken 

Jeffrey Meiliken a mathematician with twenty year's experience analyzing the commonalities of ancient cultures, is a leading authority on the structural encryptions embedded in the artifacts of many cultures, including the Nazcas of Peru, the Egyptians, and the early Israelites. He specializes in decoding ancient encrypted mathematics and is also a student of spirituality. He has brought these two areas of expertise together to create a books that is steeped in both science and promise. He is a corporate consultant on the use of influential numbers and travels the country lecturing on ancient encrypted mathematics and giving seminars on his books, the Genesis Prayer, The Divine Calendar, There's Nothing Random About the Universe


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